Surprising as it may seem, the idyllic paradise of Mozambique is often overlooked as a major travel destination. With over 2 500 kilometres of pristine beaches and home to some of the most coveted dive sites in the world, it is mind boggling that the exotic destination of Mozambique has not received the attention it deserve as it is remains beautifully unspoilt with most of its natural landscapes preserved.

Mozambique, with its tropical archipelagos of Quirimba and Bazaruto, its coastal inland plains and forested mountain peaks, offers the discerning traveller a myriad of contrasting landscapes and dramatic scenery. Influenced by Arab slaves and Portuguese conquistadors, Mozambique is rich in cultural heritage. The port town of Pemba displays some beautiful examples of colonial Portuguese architecture. A trip to Pemba is not complete without a visit to the Muslim quarter of Paquitequette – hundreds of houses made from coral rock, mud and thatch dot the hillside as the gentle slope leads you down to the beach where colourful fishing dhows line the coast.

mozambique market
Vibrant markets filled with exquisite hand crafted items and fresh produce make Mozambique a shopping haven for travellers who are looking for unusual and bespoke keepsakes to bring home. The northern regions of Mozambique are well known for an abundance of fantastic artwork, crafts and sculptures produced by the Makondo people. The artwork of this region depicts common held traditional beliefs as well as the journey and struggle for independence and the Civil War.

Mozambique is an adventure traveller’s paradise with plenty of activities on offer. From exploring the coral reefs teaming with marine life, ocean safaris where you can spot the mysterious manta ray and bull shark, leisurely horseback rides on the beach and water sports such as kayaking and kite surfing, there is bound to be something to tickle your fancy. Attractions are not exclusively bound to the coast line and underwater paradises of the Indian Ocean. There are a multitude of cultural and historic attractions that are also waiting to be explored. The unspoilt wildlife edens of Gorongosa National Park and Niassa Reserve exude the atmosphere of an untouched Africa.

Mozambique with all its natural splendour is still reeling from the effects of a civil war and severe flood damage from the year 2000. Due to this, independent travel without a rental car in Mozambique is particularly difficult as the public transport system is not strictly regulated. Most citizens use informal transport such as chapas (minibuses) and machibombos (buses). Although these can be a cultural experience in itself, it is not the most reliable or safest means of transport.

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