Namibia is a harsh land dominated by deserts and dunes but this is no reason to shy away from a visit. Instead it’s the impetus, with unparalleled game to the east, huge expanses of gold to the west and majestic Fish River Canyon in between, you are guaranteed a truly enlightening Namibian adventure. For the young or the young at heart, Drive Africa’s car rentals are the ideal way to experience this incredible country.

Shipwreck Skeleton Coast

Starting from the west, the adventurer is met by the hauntingly beautiful Skeleton Coast. Sounding like a scene from a Pirates of the Caribbean movie; the Skeleton Coast is home to surf, sand and shipwrecks. The powerful waves, rolling fog and mighty storms have tested even the strongest of ships and many have fallen to the Atlantic’s icy limbs. The Skeleton Coast Game Reserve is a must as well as any guided tours along the treacherous sands. Live a little and experience Mother Nature’s wrath in all its beauty and power.

Shipwreck Skeleton Coast Namibia

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For the spooky enthusiast the ghost town of Kolmanskop is a must. A few kilometres from Luderitz; Kolmanskop has its history deeply embedded in the diamond mining industry. Founded in 1908 and abandoned in 1954 the short life of this town is an excellent example of the price of early mining expeditions. Several buildings still stand including a hospital, school, casino, ballroom and a tram. All have since been reclaimed by the desert and stand empty, filled knee-deep in sand. Kolmanskop is also great for making some memories with the forgotten buildings an incredible setting for the budding photographer.

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Interior Kolmanskop

Fish River Canyon

The Fish River Canyon is the second biggest canyon in the world. The main ravine drops 550m, is 27km wide and runs for 160km. These figures are staggering and don’t do the majesty or scale of the canyon any justice. Hiking and camping are popular with many a traveler finding themselves in the quiet, rocky landscape. Whether you wish to experience it first hand or take a few pics from the top the Fish River Canyon is a definite Namibian landmark.

Fish River Canyon Hiking


Caprivi Elephant Crossing

The Caprivi Strip is a narrow piece of land bordering Botswana, Angola and Zambia. It is one of a kind in Namibia with a high annual rainfall promoting a wildlife hotspot. Elephants abound as they migrate between the bordering countries and four protected reserves ensure game, fowl and fauna are protected. For a look at the wild side and a few shots try the Caprivi Strip.

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Caprivi Strip

Swakopmund Pier View

Namibia is not all empty space with several hubs making the country a lively place to meet people and enjoy yourself. Swakopmund is a beach town with a punch, great surfing conditions and nearby dunes promises hours of fun surfing, sand-boarding, quad biking and swimming. Swakopmund is the best way to end your Namibian adventure as you unwind from days of discovery with local bars and hotels to help you get back in touch with the real world.

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Swakopmund Dunes