South Africa is renowned for scenic splendour and as the summer grabs a hold, we thought it would be a good time to provide you with a list of some of the best beaches in the country.

When December arrives, many South Africans who live in-land will start the annual migration to the coastline to enjoy a couple of weeks of having fun in the sun.

Many of your days will be spent wading through the waves and running sand through your toes. However, when you are in another part of the country, it is not always easy to determine where the local hotspots are.

To assist in this regard, here are a few of the most beautiful beaches on offer in South Africa.

Camps Bay – Cape Town:

This amazing coastal stretch needs no introduction. The beachfront road is lined with palm trees and boasts a magnificent beach on one side, and an array of restaurants, cocktail bars and shops on the other. This trendy area offers is ideal for sundowners and sunset walks, while the rock pools and grass area also makes it ideal for families.

Clifton – Cape Town:

Another gem from the Western Cape, Clifton Fourth Beach is highly regarded as one of the best beaches in South Africa. Sheltered from the wind and boasting soft, white sands – Clifton is paradise. The water is ice cold, so it is not the best beach for bathing, but it certainly is beautiful.

Durban South Beach – KwaZulu-Natal

The spacious Durban South Beach is home to a number of incredible events. You will also see the famous Durban Pier, and it is close to a number of other attractions in the city.

Umhlanga – Kwa-Zulu Natal:

Umhlanga is a popular destination for locals and visitors – with its soft sands and warm waters. Whether you want to tan, swim or just enjoy some beach games, Umhlanga is a great place to unwind. The vibrant town also has a number of entertainment options once the sun goes down.

Nahoon Beach – East London

This popular beach boasts soft sands, warm waters and is a decent place to catch a wave. You can also enjoy a walk through the dunes along the wooden boardwalk.
Of course, there are a number of hidden gems on the South African coastline, so don’t be shy to veer off the beaten path and find your very own special place.